We’re shutterly mad about window shutters here at Shutter Boutique. Many of our customers share our passion for these elegant and effective window treatments.

If you’ve recently installed window shutters or are thinking about shutters for your home and rental property, you’ll no doubt have some questions or concerns about maintaining your new window treatment.

One of the key features of window shutters is their fantastic durability. Our shutters are finished with UV resistant topcoat, and the uPVC and water-proof options (such as the Java range) are sealed in a plastic casing – so stains are hard to come by.

All our shutters are also guaranteed for at least 5 years, testament to the craftsmanship and the quality products used in the manufacture of our window shutters. Maintenance and durability is something we stand by.

But shutters do attract dust. No more than any other piece of furniture and certainly a lot less than curtains but customers occasionally ask how to clean and maintain their window shutters. So here’s a guide on how to keep your window shutters in tip top condition:

Suck it up! Using the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner, remove dust between the slats – the bristles make it really easy to get in between all the slats of your window shutters.
Wipe it down – With a damp cloth, wipe down the slats on both sides of the window shutter. This will remove any remaining dust and restore the gleam of high-gloss shutters.
Wash your windows – Every month or so, give your windows are good wipe down, too. If your windows are prone to condensation, you might prefer to do this more frequently.
Sill and surround – Take care to occasionally dust the entire window surround and sill to remove any build up of dirt and dust.
Move your shutters – The slats offer such control over light, many customers rarely concertina the shutter back. Occasionally doing so will reveal any build up of dust or dirt which can quickly and easily be wiped away.

Shutters are one of the most durable window treatments available. A little light dusting from time to time will keep them in tip top condition but if you have any further questions about the maintenance of your window shutters, please don’t hesitate to contact us.