We’re shutterly mad about shutters here at Shutter Boutique and the dynamic lighting and shade options they provide. They’re a great window treatment for landlords and home owners alike for many reasons, of which light control is but one.

‘Shade’, an ambiguous term, here refers to the blocking of light – something shutters are renowned for; shutters are installed as often for practical purposes as for their decorative delight.

Originating in sunnier climes, shutters were attached to the exterior of a building, providing shade for the inhabitants from intense sunlight.

Today this type of shade is more commonly known as the Bahama shutter – a reference to one of its regions of origin. Traditionally, the slats of this type of shade would have been fixed. Today, tilt rods enable them to be pivoted, allowing the shades to alter the amount of light let in to a home.

Additionally, this feature protects a home from inclement weather. Storm shades are popular on coastal homes where sea spray and strong winds batter buildings relentlessly.

Used internally, shutters make versatile and stylish shades. Full panel shades blackout the sun entirely while the addition of slats create shades with countless options of light control.

Mere tweaks in the tilt rod can angle the slats up or down transforming the light of a room, altering the mood and atmosphere. There is no other shade on the market that provides this degree of light diversity.

With the option to install cafe-style (half-height) or full-height shutters, the options for light play are immeasurable. Full-height shades can be single or two-tier, the latter allowing the slats of each half to be operated independently.

The panels of these shades can concertina back, allowing light to flood the room. With so many options in light control, there really are (at least!) 50 shades of light when it comes to shutters. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of shutters please do browse Shutter Boutique where you will find a host of information on this subject. Additionally, our master craftsmen are waiting to take your call and answer any questions about shutters and shades you may have.