A louver is the horizontal wooden slat that goes across the frame of a window shutter. Spelt ‘louvre’ in the UK, and phonetically as ‘louver’ in the US, these slats are available in a range of thicknesses and widths. The light play, privacy and energy saving benefits of shutters are a result of the louvers.

It is these louvers that affect the amount of light let into a room. A tilt rod that vertically runs the length of your shutter controls the movement of the louver. Twisting the tilt rod will turn the louver on its axis, letting more or less light into a room as desired.

Twisted flat, the louvers will lock out light altogether. Open the louvers, and the room is flooded with light. The louvers still lock out prying eyes and maintain privacy and security by obscuring the view into the room.

To choose the right louver for your shutters, consider the finished look you’d like to give to the room.

Wider louvers will give a bold, strong finish. Kelly Hoppen’s high gloss shutters are famed for their thick, wide louvers.

A finer, narrower louver delivers a more traditional look favoured by those with traditional, character homes looking for period styling. This style of louver suits Georgian properties very well.

Louvers are available with black-out qualities, in water resistant styles for bathrooms and kitchens and lightweight woods for wide window expanses.

Our master craftsmen here at Shutter Boutique can offer advice on popular louver styles and louver choices, while taking into consideration which style and width of louver will best suit your room and the period of your home.

To find out more about the shutter styles and louver options available in our extensive ranges, please browse the Shutter Boutique collection or contact us today.