Window Shutters Bramhall

The weather can change in a moment’s notice, so protect your windows with stylish external shutters from Shutter Boutique today. Our external shutters are made to measure in the highest quality to provide form and function to your home. We carry a wide range of high quality and affordable shutters to complement your Bramhall homes’ décor. We can offer an assortment of colours and styles to match your existing décor or help you make a statement with something new. Our experienced craftsmen will help you select the best shutter for your home and your budget.

External shutters in the Atlantic Premium Bahama range

External shutters provide protection from harmful UV rays, privacy from nosy neighbours and window protection from severe weather; all while being easily adjusted to allow a fresh breeze in whenever you choose. Made from exterior grade composite wood, our sturdy exterior shutters will never crack or flake under exposure to the weather. All of our Bahama shutters are given two coats of industry grade polyurethane paint which provides a hardened protective finish when cured in the oven. Our quality hand crafted workmanship guarantees a very strong and secure product ready for anything the weather can throw its way.

Classic and elegant interior shutters in the Fiji range

Fiji ShuttersOur Fiji range of shutters is made from Larch wood and offers a durable and distinctive addition to any room inside your home. While you can select a wide variety of colours to have your Fiji shutters painted with to match your unique home décor, the natural beauty of the wood grain could also be allowed to show through a stain and lacquer sealant for a natural and rustic look. Fiji shutters are a wonderful addition to a kitchen or public restaurant due to their stability and stylish construction. They are specifically made to withstand years of being opened and closed without warping or losing their finish. Our craftsmen take pride in using the highest quality materials in your new interior shutters to guarantee they provide you with many years of service in your home or business.

Why choose window shutters from Shutter Boutique?

When you are looking for superior service and outstanding value with every shutter you purchase, look no further. You won’t find better prices or service anywhere in the Bramhall area. To arrange your free design consultation call Shutter Boutique on0161 452 2337 or 0800 145 5278 today.