Since Roman times, shutters have adorned the windows of homes both inside and out. Today, a window shutter is a sign of classic style, and much-desired in the Cheshire town of Hale.

Window shutters deliver numerous benefits to home owners, whether installed on the interior or exterior of a house. Residents of Hale are advised based on the style and age of their homes, along with budgetary restrictions and time. Indeed, there is a window shutter for every situation.

Just last week, Shutter Boutique was advising a home owner in Hale who was considering window shutters for their Victorian terraced town house. These red brick buildings are common in Hale. Window shutters are a fantastic option when the original sash windows are still in place, as in this case.

Window shutters form a sealed barrier between the window panes and the room, locking heat in and keeping drafts out. They’re also incredibly easy to clean, requiring a quick wipe with a cloth. For the busy Hale home owner we were advising, these features were very desirable.

Our Hale client has two young children. When we drew her attention to the child-friendly features of window shutters, she was surprised and relieved. Our client was also considering Venetian blinds. With their thread and pulley system, they are hazardous to small adventurous children who can easily become tangled in the blinds. Shutters are completely child friendly, relying on tilt rods alone; and even those can be internalised for a super-smooth finish.

This savvy home owner was already aware of the privacy and security benefits of window shutters; she selected a narrow louvre that complimented the age of her Hale abode and choose cafe-style window shutters for the lower ground floor of the building and full-height for the bedrooms upstairs. These window shutters, which will be made in Britain and delivered in just three weeks, will deliver superior light control and an elegant look and feel to her stylish Hale home.

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