Venetian blinds, much like shutters, enable you to pivot light through the horizontal slats that comprise the window dressing.

An affordable alternative to shutters, venetian blinds are favoured by landlords and homeowners who want to imitate the look of shutters while delivering many of the benefits.

Here, we explore the benefits of venetian blinds compared to shutters, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding which window dressing is best for your home.

The benefits of venetian blinds:

  • Horizontal slats – these can be pivoted allow you to control the amount of light entering a room.
  • Smart, sharp lines – venetian blinds look ‘clean’, streamlined and unfussy
  • Varied colours and textures – metal, wood and plastic materials allow for a range of finishes to match any room
  • Venetian blinds hold much less dust than curtains and are easier to clean – great for those with allergies

Considerations with venetian blinds

• The absence of a supporting frame means the slats of venetian blinds are prone to bending out of shape – particularly with metal venetian blinds. This will damage the integrity of light control, as bends and dents in the slats will allow light to enter regardless of slat position.
Consider the rigidity of material for your venetian blind. A lightweight wood will offer more resilience than a thin metal.
Shutters offer a sturdy alternative here, as the slats are encased in a solid frame.

• The rigged structure of venetian blinds can often be awkward to control. Slats are raised and lowered by threads woven through each of the slats at either end. Both sides must be raised and lowered in tandem to create a symmetric look. This can be tricky to master and irritating to perfect.
The slats of a shutter are controlled by a swivelling tilt rod and the panels easily. concertina back to allow more light to enter the room. Their simplicity of a shutter might be a more suitable alternative to venetian blinds.

• That same rigged structure requires each of the slats to have a slot for the thread. That slot lets light through, meaning the light integrity will always be compromised and a true black-out effect hard to obtain.
The slats of a shutter seamlessly fit together, ensuring no light passes through the structure.

• The threads of venetian blinds may cause a hazard to young children and animals. Increasingly, parents are choosing cord-free window dressings to avoid accidents.
Ensure you choose a window dressing that is suitable for your home and family.

• The flimsy slats of a venetian blind can be tricky to clean.
A venetian blind made from a robust material, or a window dressing with a more solid structure may be a lower maintenance solution.

Consider these factors carefully before selecting venetian blinds. Ensure they are the right choice for your home. Although more affordable that shutters, you may find yourself compromising on:

  • Light integrity
  • Ease of operation
  • Safety
  • Maintenance requirements.