Are you blind to style or do you have shutterly good taste?

Blinds or shutters? Which are best for your home? Which are best for which room? Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons for each…

Vertical blinds, venetian blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds or black out blinds. They fix to your window at the top and roll, concertina or drop down when released.

A range of style options are available with blinds with wide choice of fabrics and colour combinations usually on selection.

Blinds are low maintenance compared to curtains – they require little cleaning or maintenance, and hold far less dust. Blinds offer clean silhouettes to window dressings – roller blinds in particular tuck away to give a clean finish to windows. Blinds are also available with added benefits such as being moisture resistant; there are energy saving black out blinds and solar control blinds that have an added film to reduce the glare of the sun.

While blinds offer versatility and numerous benefits, a shutter is in an entirely different league.

Sharing many of the same features as blinds, choosing between the two can be confusing.
Like blinds, shutters offer huge energy saving benefits. Water-resistant models are available and various finishes and colour-matched paints come as standard with many ranges.

There is a clear distinction however, in the style a shutter offers over a blind.

Shutters deliver homeowners long-term style. They are a statement of good taste, an investment into the style of your home and reflect a confidence you just can’t evoke with blinds.

While blinds offer a practical, colourful window dressing, shutters make a statement. They say, I’m here to stay, I like my home, I know my style. Shutters are for those with style who know dressing their windows with sophisticated slats, decadent wood, glossed, natural or stained, will add value for years to come. It’s a statement of certainty.

With numerous shapes, sizes, colours and finishes available shutters combine the versatility of blinds with the resounding decadence of great taste.