LED Lightning for your Floating Livona Awning

Weinor Livona / LED Awning

You have a wonderful patio attached to your home. It’s a place where you can relax with a book, watch your children play or enjoy a meal with friends and family. But the hot sun of the summer can make the patio too uncomfortable to enjoy, or you may only be able to spend a few short minutes out there before returning to the cool of your home. If you had an awning, you might be able to enjoy your patio throughout the year; even during the heat of summer!

At Shutter Boutique, we can offer a unique line of Livona awnings. These awnings are a great way to provide shade to your patio year round, and with such a gentle design they almost seem to be floating above the ground. They are easily retractable so you can be in total control of how much sunlight you want to receive throughout the summer months. And with available LED lighting, you can even enjoy your patio in the evening or early morning hours. You will soon find yourself enjoying your patio much more than you were before the awning was installed. Turn off the televisions and computers, grab a book and come enjoy the fresh air outdoors. Listen to birds sing and feel the gentle breezes on your skin.

Livona LED awnings join an existing line of classic and modern shutters available from Shutter Boutique. All of our shutters have been hand-crafted by master craftsmen right here in the UK and are made to fit a wide range of existing decors and budgets.

Tilt rods attached to each shutter put you in direct control of the amount of lightning and ventilation brought into each room, and locking the shutters down can provide noise reduction and privacy for windows on street-level.

  • Shutters are low maintenance and easy to keep clean
  • Awnings can be made to fit any area outside of your home
  • Shutters control your lighting, ventilation and privacy in a dynamic way
  • Awnings protect you from the damaging sun’s rays while enjoying your patio
  • Both are available in a variety of colours and unique styles to match your home

All of our shutters and awnings are made to measure in your unique specifications of colours and styles. If you are trying to match an existing contemporary décor or simply want something new and unique to spruce up the room, you can easily find a combination with Shutter Boutique to do just that.

Contact us when you are searching for the finest awnings and shutters to add to your home or garden. We can provide a price guide based on your measurements to help you get the exact shutter or awning to fit your needs and budget. Our master craftsmen are available to discuss your unique needs and window measurements to be sure you order a shutter that fits perfectly where you want it. Shutter Boutique wants you to be happy with your purchase and will take every step necessary to be sure that happens!

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