Weinor Semina Awning

Weinor Semina Awnings from Shutter Boutique

If you are looking for a bright and fresh design with reliable technology and high quality construction, the Weinor brand of Semina Awnings from Shutter Boutique is the right choice. Built to your specifications and made to retract inside a semi-cassette, your awning will be protected from the elements and can provide many years of service. The look and function of each Semina awning has been optimised to provide consistent and reliable shade on your patio for you and your family.


Each Semina awning is hand crafted in the UK and can match or compliment a wide range of home styles. Whether you want a contemporary colour match to your existing home exterior, or you want to add a bit of whimsy to your back garden, we can meet and exceed your expectations. All of our Semina awnings include the following highlights:

  • Compact semi-cassette to protect your awning from the elements
  • LongLife arm extends and retracts with low noise, even in gusty conditions
  • Maximum width of 7m with a maximum projection of 3,5m
  • More than 150 fabric patterns and 56 frame colours to choose from

Regardless of the colour you may have on the exterior of your home, our high quality fabrics can match or compliment it in a variety of ways. The UV resistant, vibrant and colour-fast materials we offer include solid patterns, narrow stripes, wide stripes and a variety of additional combinations. Each one is dirt resistant and offers a unique textile feel. Match your fabrics to a powder coated frame colour for a design that is uniquely yours. Since all of the powder coating is done in the same workshop, you can rest assured knowing multiple awnings around your home will all share the same high quality colour tone and level of gloss. You won’t have to fear having mismatched awnings from the front to the back, unless of course you request them that way!

Your new awning is made to measure and hand crafted in the UK to fit your décor and budget. Whether you need a full coverage patio awning, or are just looking for a shorter shade over the windows, Shutter Boutique can offer the right selection for you. If the Semina line does not meet your needs, please browse our other pages and offerings of both awnings and shutters. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at any time.

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