Weinor Sottezza / LED – Conservatory Awnings

Weinor Sottezza Awnings 

Your conservatory or glass-roofed patio is a wonderful place to grow plants or enjoy time with your family, but when the sun becomes a bit too much to bear you want an option to quickly and easily shade some of those glass panels. With an under-mounted Sottezza awning from Shutter Boutique, you can instantly shade the area from the hot summer sun while still enjoying your patio or conservatory in all types of weather.

Shutter Boutique awnings are all made to measure, meeting your unique specifications and have been designed to be both heavy duty and aesthetically pleasing, complimenting a wide range of homes and existing exterior décor. The innovative clamp system of our Sozzetta line keeps your awning extended to the point you set it regardless of what the wind may be doing. You can also add a bit of night time charm to your patio or conservatory with an LED light bar made to match your new Sottezza awning. As with all of the awnings we offer at Shutter Boutique, your Sottezza will include:

  • Elegant and rounded cassette for concealing your fabric and mechanism when not in use
  • Resilient and easily adjustable clamping system to keep your awning stable in gusty conditions
  • Ability to be installed under almost any patio or conservatory roof to provide UV protection
  • A wide range of more than 150 fabric colours and patterns to choose from

Match any existing décor with a fabric colour that will blend in, or make a bold statement to your neighbours by selecting a contrasting colour and pattern to stand out. Depending on your conservatory or patio, each awning can be made to measure for any space you have available. We can help with the measurement process to be sure you get an exact fit with any awning or shutter you purchase from us.

Shutters Boutique is more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the installation or proper use of your awning so don’t be afraid to contact us. Whether you are brand new to the world of awnings, or are an experienced buyer, we can gladly address any concerns you may have. Our design team can also help with fabric and frame colour selection, provide recommendations on the style of awning that will work best for you, and professionally install any awning you purchase.

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