Weinor Topas Awning

Weinor Topas Awnings from Shutter Boutique

Looking for a high quality but low budget awning to add to your patio or front entryway? The Weinor brand of Topas awnings from Shutter Boutique can provide the shade you want at the price you can be happy with.

Awnings can provide shade and light rain protection to your patio or deck, or can be installed over windows and doors to help keep cooling costs lower within the home. If you are new to awnings and are looking for an entry-level unit to try, the Topas is your answer.

Made to meet the same high standards as all of our other awnings, Topas is an excellent choice for a family on a budget. This is the perfect awning to get you introduced to the benefits of having year round sun protection without straining your finances. Made to measure and built to install in a variety of areas on your home, the Topas awning offers the same great highlights as all of our others including:

  • A great entry-level awning with an open cassette, suitable for installation almost anywhere
  • LongLife arm that quickly and easily extends and retracts the awning even in a stiff breeze
  • Maximum width of 12m and a maximum projection of 4m, plenty of shade for a standard patio
  • With 155 fabric patterns and 56 frame colours to select, you are sure to match any décor

Able to be installed in a variety of ways, including on the wall, the ceiling or under an eve, your new awning can start providing shade and UV protection immediately after installation. With so many colour choices available in the fabric, you can create an awning that will blend in with your home or add a bit of uniqueness and stand out completely. Brighten up the back garden with a yellow striped awning, or keep it conservative with a light grey coloured sail. Whatever your choice, Shutter Boutique can meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Shutter Boutique wants you to be perfectly happy with your new awning, so if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. We can provide design ideas, construction information and answer any questions you may have on installation and use. Whether you are new to awnings, or are replacing an aged unit, the high quality yet affordable Topas line is a great step into the world of outdoor enjoyment.

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