Weinor WGM 1030 / 2030 Conservatory Awning

Weinor WGM Conservatory Awnings

The summer is a time when families are outdoors enjoying their patio or spending time together in the conservatory, but the hot afternoon sun can quickly make these rooms too uncomfortable to spend much time in. By adding a roof mounted awning to the area, you are not only adding an extra dimension to your home’s architecture, but you are preventing the build-up of dangerous UV rays and immense heat in enclosed rooms. Keeping your enclosed conservatory cool in the summer can also help keep your utility bills much lower as you won’t need as much air conditioning to keep the home comfortable.

Shutter Boutique is proud to offer the unique and highly versatile WGM 2030 and WGM 1030 awnings, the perfect solution for climate control around your patio or conservatory. The WGM design can accommodate standard needs or be used as a special radius awning in unique situations depending on your personal needs. The unobtrusive design of the awning is made to measure to your specifications, and with more than 150 different fabric patterns and colours to choose from, you can find the perfect match to compliment your home.

  • Easily installed on a variety of roof types to add an extra dimension to your patio
  • Protect your conservatory against overheating with the roof mounted design
  • Proven high quality fabric and extensively tested tension system, tested in high winds
  • Quiet and effortless carriage system to stretch your awning fabric when it’s needed
  • Matching support brackets provide an extra layer of security without being obtrusive
  • 155 different fabric patterns and colours, and more than 50 frame colours to choose from
  • Easily match your home, or select a whimsical colour combination to stand out from the rest

Shutter Boutique is more than happy to spend time discussing your awning needs, whether you have a standard area or a more challenging spot, there is bound to be an awning that will work for you. Our design team can help you decide on a colour combination for the fabric and the frame, as well as get precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit. If you are new and confused about how awnings are designed, installed or used please don’t be afraid to contact us with your questions or concerns. We would be happy to discuss the benefits of using an awning, shutter or other window covering.

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