Weinor Zenara Awnings

Spending time on your patio with friends and family is a great way to break free of the technological leash. By spending just an hour or two outside per day, you can add an entirely new level of relaxation to your life. Take a book and sit in a comfortable chair while you enjoy the songs of birds and the gentle breeze on your skin. Unfortunately, the summer sun can make your patio hot and uncomfortable; quickly sending you and your family back indoors to cool off. Adding a Zenara awning to your patio or balcony can provide you with an all-day shade and year-round sun protection, allowing you to get much more enjoyment from your patio.

Attractive and Large Zenara Awnings for your Modern Home

Zenara is built to cover even the largest patio or balcony up to 6 m in width, with a 4 m awning projection. Whether your home is modern or contemporary, with more than 150 fabric patterns and 56 frame colours to choose from you are sure to find a combination to match your existing décor and complement your home. If you prefer to stand out from the rest you can easily find a fabric and frame combination to do just that. Each awning has the option of adding LED lighting so that you may enjoy your patio or balcony in the evening or early morning.


Shutters Boutique has added the line of Zenara Awnings to their already large selection of interior shutters. All of our shutters are hand-crafted right here in the UK to fit a wide variety of space needs and individual budgets. Tilt rods attached to each shutter allow you to the in direct control of the lighting and ventilation within each room, locking the shutters down can also provide both privacy and noise reduction. This is a great benefit to windows at the street-level or for those homes with nosey neighbours.

  • Shutters can control your lighting, ventilation and privacy in a dynamic way
  • Awnings will protect you from the damaging sun’s rays while enjoying your patio
  • Shutters are very low maintenance and easy to keep clean
  • Awnings can easily be made to fit any area outside of your home
  • Both are available in a wide variety of colours and styles to match your home décor

Both the shutter and awning line available through Shutter Boutique are made to measure in your specification of colours and styles. Whether you are trying to match an existing home décor or want something a little hoped of the norm to make your patio stand out, you are sure to find a perfect colour here.

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Contact us today when you are looking for the finest shutters and awnings to add to your reception room or balcony. We can provide a helpful price range for your windows or patio area if you provide us with accurate measurements. We have master craftsmen who are available to discuss our various designs to be sure you find the exact shutter for your living space.