Bay Window Wooden Shutters

There are millions of Edwardian and Victorian houses in the UK which means lots of houses are endowed with bay windows. These are a fantastic addition to a house, creating plenty of light and space, but there has always been a dilemma about how to cover them without impairing their operation. The width of the curtains needed to cover a bay can lead to thick bunching at the sides, while blinds tend to get bunched at the top of the window. Even wooden shutters (also known as plantation shutters) can be problematic.

The Problem with Bay Windows and Shutters
When it comes to a bay window, wooden shutters can cause problems if they are of the wrong type of wood or a style that doesn’t complement the shape of the window, the way in which you use the room or the direction in which the window faces. When considering wooden shutters for your bay, you will need to carefully consider the properties of the wood and the style of the shutter.

The Sumatra Collection
If you have a bay window, wooden shutters from our Sumatra collection may be just what you’ve been looking for. Unlike some of our other wooden shutter collections, Sumatra shutters are light in weight and can be adapted to fit into windows of almost any size or shape. Hand-crafted from ecologically managed, FSC® certified white teak, Sumatra wooden shutters are an elegant solution to the bay window dilemma.

Once you have decided on the type of wood you want, you will need to decide on a style of shutter blind.

Full-Length or Cafe Style Window Shutters?
For a bay window, wooden shutters can be installed in a variety of styles depending on your family’s preference. Few homeowners would choose the traditional solid type of shutter, but the simplicity of a full-length style, where all slats are adjusted together, may appeal to some. Others may prefer the versatility of a tier-on-tier style, where the upper and lower panels can be adjusted independently, although dispensing with upper panels altogether and opting for a cafe-style shutter is a popular choice.

Non-wooden Options for Bay Windows
When it comes to a bay window, wooden shutters are not the only option and some families may prefer to opt for vinyl or plastic alternatives. These have the advantage of being durable and easy to maintain, ideal when the shutters are likely to be played with by children or pets. This is also another reason why shutters are almost always preferable to blinds from a safety perspective.

Speak to the Experts
No two bay windows are exactly alike, and the type of covering you need or want will depend on unique factors such as how you use the room in question and where the prevailing light comes from. The most effective way to choose a window shutter for your bay window is to book an installation survey with us. All Framing and Measuring will be carried out and we will determine the Shutters Measure.

With over 15 years of installing shutters into window spaces of all shapes and sizes, we will give you an informed and honest opinion to help you make the best choice for your individual circumstances.