Plantation Shutters are fast become the style solution of choice for home owners in search of clever window treatment solutions for their windows and doors.

Plantation shutters offer effective light manipulation, increased security and energy saving benefits. They’re available in a range of styles and finishes, and come with a minimum guarantee of 5 years.

If you’re considering installing plantation shutters in your home, here’s everything you’ll need to know:

What are plantation shutters?
Plantation shutters are panels that cover a window or glass door. They have horizontal louvres or slats contained within a frame. Each frame is hinged to another until the window or door expanse is covered. Each frame or panel has a tilt rod which is used to angle the louvres to optimise or reduce the light in a room.

What styles are available for plantation shutters?
Shutter Boutique stocks a wide range of plantation shutters. You should to consider the style and age of your home, along with the width and height of the window, the colour and finish you desire and of course, your budget.

Should I choose half or full-height plantation shutters?
Half-height plantation shutters are also known as cafe-style. These are a great option for rooms at street level, as these tend to be darker than first floor windows. Cafe-style plantation shutters keep out prying eyes while letter in full light through the top half of the window.

Full-height plantation shutters cover the entire length of a window. These are also known as full-tier plantation shutters. Tier-on-tier plantation shutters are split in two, with each section being operable independently. The choice depends on your style and light requirements.

Which material should I choose for my plantation shutters?
Often this decision comes down to the width and whereabouts of your windows.

If your window is very wide, a heavier wood would not be suitable for your plantation shutters. The weight of the wood will cause your shutter to sag in the middle, spoiling the aesthetic finish.

If your windows are in the kitchen or bathroom, a water-resistant material is advisable, as this will prevent your plantation shutters from bowing and warping in the heat and humidity.

What colour should my plantation shutters be?
This comes down to your own personal taste. White is ever-popular for plantation shutters, as it provides a blank canvas for the rest of the room. Plantation shutters are also a long term solution for many homeowners and so white offers the most flexibility in this regard.

However, colour matching is available in many styles, along with a host of gloss and matt finishes. The choice really is yours, but a plantation shutter expert will be able to offer you advice based on their experience and the options available to you.

Do plantation shutters come in special shapes and sizes?
Octagons, ovals, circles and rectangles…a range of special shapes and sizes are available in various plantation shutter ranges. Be sure to ask a specialist and consult the individual product ranges on Shutter Boutique for more information.

Are plantation shutters guaranteed?
Yes! Your plantation shutters are guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years, up to 25 years for some ranges.

If there’s anything else you need to know about plantation shutters, please do leave a question in the comments below or get in touch directly. Our master craftsmen are on hand to answer all your plantation shutter questions.