Did you know that Garstang, an old market town in Wyre, Lancashire, 10 miles North of Preston, is famous for being the first ever Fair Trade town in the world? I was curious to learn this on a recent visit to see a new client in Garstang. On hearing this news, it came as no surprise to see that they were very interested in our Sumatra range of plantation window shutters.

The Sumatra range of window shutters is one of the only available window shutter types to be made from FSC certified timber. Well, you can imagine why this was popular with the environmentally conscious resident of Garstang.

window-shutters-gallery-3FSC certified timber comes from forests that are managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner. Much like Garstang’s Fair Trade initiative, FSC timber window shutters aim to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and promote sustainability.

This is exactly what our Sumatra window shutters do. And in combination with their energy saving benefits, these window shutters are the perfect package for Garstang residents.

I demonstrated the features of the window shutters to the Garstang resident. She was a home-owner with two young children and keen to hear about the benefits.

After demonstrating how the window shutter louvres (the horizontal slats) can angle light in and block it out of a room with incredible control, we went on to discuss how this can also lock in heat and keep out drafts.

The smooth lines and satin finish of the Sumatra window shutters make them incredibly easy to clean and maintain. As a mother, this Garstang resident was also elated to know that window shutters are one of the safest window treatments for families with children and pets. Unlike conventional blinds, there are no cords or pulleys to get tangled up in.

While demonstrating the Sumatra window shutters, we discussed the various colours and finishes available and delicate grain of the wood. The fine grain of the Sumatra window shutters is well emphasised with paint stains but, as I advised the Garstang resident, it is entirely down to the taste, style and preference of the home owner. Window shutters form a timeless backdrop to any room, the decadence of the clean lines and superior light control make them a wise choice for any style-conscious home owner.

And thanks to their FSC certified status, the Sumatra window shutters will no doubt be very popular to the residents of Garstang! If you’d like to know more about our Sumatra window shutters or any of our window shutter ranges, please browse the site and give us a call today! We look forward to taking your call.