The picturesque village of Edgworth in the borough of Blackburn with Darwen, Lancashire, is a handsome place that offers fine views of the beautiful surrounding countryside. While fitting window shutters for a client in Edgworth recently, I was startled to learn of its famous history.

While measuring up for a set of full height window shutters for the front of the house, I got chatting to the home owner, who has been a resident of Edgworth for some time.

While I was measuring the windows for their shutters, the resident told me how Edgworth was home to the Barlow family. James Barlow was an industrialist, she said,

“And a very generous textile manufacturer. Later, his son, Thomas Barlow – yes, there’s a name you’ll know – was physician to Queen Victoria!”

Hands on hips, she told me, “Their house, Greenthorne, was used as a conference venue during Ghandi’s visit to Edgworth in the 30s.”

Well, I truly had no idea the charming and rural village of Edgworth had such a history. For me, it’s known for its great pubs and beautiful views! …And talkative residents – I had to stop her in her tracks to tell her more about her window shutters!

This particular Edgworth house was situated on a main road in Edgowth. With no front garden, the Edgworth resident was keen to add privacy and security to her home. I told her window shutters were the perfect choice.

“The louvre or slats of a window shutter prevent prying eyes and nosy neighbours looking in” I told her, “without compromising on light or style.” Holding up a panel example of a popular window shutter I explained how the tilt rod twists the slats of the window shutter, allowing the light to be angled up or down. “This floods the room with light or blocks it our completely” I told her.

Continuing to explain the heat saving benefits, noise reduction and durability of the window shutters for her Edgworth home, we went on to discuss our waterproof options for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the lightweight wooden shutters that are suitable for wide window expanses and special shapes.

If you have a home in Edgworth and are considering a new window treatment, consider window shutters. The benefits and long term durability of window shutters make them a practical yet stylish addition to your Edgworth home. Our master craftsmen are on hand to take your call. Please explore our online selection and call today for more information.