Stylish home owners are combining window curtains with shutters to deliver the best dressed windows in the country. Here, we explain why these two timeless style additions work so well together.

Two is better than one
Shutters and window curtains need not be mutually exclusive. Indeed, some of the most effective window treatments combine styles, layering options on top of one another.

Window curtains and shutters each have their own merits and together deliver ultimate style, security and energy savings.

The benefits of shutters

Stylish and timeless, shutters bring class to any room. Their clean lines and sophisticated charm create a great backdrop to further additions, such as window curtains.
Total light control – louvres, or slats, operated by tilt rods allow home owners total control over the light, angling it in to and out of the room as required
Shutters deliver privacy and security – prying eyes and opportunistic thieves are kept at bay with the stylish slats, without compromising on the amount of light let into a room
Shutters reduce the number of allergens in the air – they block out not only light but also allergens by creating a barrier against drafts
Shutters lock in heat – they form a tight barrier against the cold panes of glass, and trap hot air inside the room more efficiently than any other window treatment
Shutters a low maintenance requiring just a wipe with a cloth every once in a while

The benefits of window curtains

Window curtains bring visual warmth to a room, adding a touch of luxury
Window curtains allow home owners to coordinate the furnishes of a room – often used to pull together carpet and furniture tones, window curtains add a finishing flourish to home decor
Window curtains are available in a number of different headings – pencil pleat, tab top, chrome ring and slot top – catering to every taste
Window curtains can be lined or unlined – obviously, a lined window curtain will block out more light. If using in conjunction with shutters this may not be necessary

Used together, window curtains and shutters combine all these features delivering:

Heat and energy savings
Total light control
Optimised lighting options
Privacy and security
Visual warmth and colour coordination
Infinite style possibilities

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