Exterior Window Shutters

If you’re keen to bring character and charm to the exterior of your home, window shutters could be just the ticket! The instant curb appeal a set of well-made exterior window shutters can deliver is remarkable, and a fantastic way to re-style the exterior of your home.

Many customers take this option to tie a more modern house into the setting of a more mature street or cul-de-sac. Window shutters can also add interest to a very flat, bland exterior.

As was the original intention, window shutters have a practical use as well. It’s not often seen here in the UK, but in sunny climes and stormy, sea-facing locations, shutters are used to protect homes and householders from the elements. It is mostly in coastal locations here in the UK, that we see this traditional use of exterior window shutters. More often, they’re decorative. If you’re a home owner looking for fully operable shutters, take a look at the Bahama window shutter range.

When choosing an exterior window shutter for your home, always consult with a professional window shutter craftsman. They’ll be able to assess the exterior of your home with a practiced eye and advise on the best option for both the age and style of your house. To give you a head start, these are the options available with exterior window shutters:

Style options for exterior window shutters:
Louvre shutters – a louvre is a horizontal slat. A louvre shutter is made entirely of these slats. The clean lines and sharp finish add interest to the exterior of a home.

Raised panel shutters – this is a solid design. The slats are replaced by solid wood. It adds impact and warmth to a house.

Combination louvre-panel shutters – choose to have the top half of your window shutters in louvres, and the bottom half panelled – of vice-versa. This mix is a great way to add unusual texture and rare style to your home.

Board ‘n’ Batten – handsome and solid, this adds rustic, old-world charm.

Exterior window shutters are also available with a variety of tops – arched or straight – and accessories or ‘furniture’ such as hinges and clips.

All Shutter Boutique exterior window shutters come with a lifetime guarantee. Delivery and installation can be in as little as 3 weeks from measurement. If you’d like to know more about exterior window shutters, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.