Window coverings are anything and everything used to cover a window. They can manage sunlight, offer privacy and security, provide additional weather proofing and be used purely for decorative purposes.

Figuring out which is right for you and your home can be a tricky process. Here at Shutter Boutique we have comprised a short questionnaire that will help you hone down the myriad of window covering choices available and find the right window covering for you.

How to navigate the wonderful world of window coverings – start here!

Do you need a window covering that protects your home from the weather?
Do you require a window covering that secures the windows of your home?
Must the window covering offer privacy? How much privacy should the window covering provide? Total, partial or adaptable?
Should partial or all sunlight be blocked out? How much control do you require over light?
Do you have concerns over saving heat and preventing drafts?
Should your window coverings be a decorative feature or a blank canvas?
Will you be layering window coverings over one another?
Do you require low maintenance window coverings? Are cleaning and maintenance a concern?
Do you require waterproof window coverings – for example for a bathroom or kitchen?
Do you want to cover the full height or your window, or only a part of it?
Do you require a window covering that accommodates unusual window shapes?
Do you intend to change your window coverings at frequent intervals or are you looking for a long term solution?

These simple questions will help you determine what type of window covering you require. Some options include curtains or drapes, Venetian blinds, shutters, Roman or folding blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds and solar screens.

Armed with these answers, you’ll be able to easily rule out window coverings that aren’t right for your home and select those that make the grade.

If you would like to talk to an expert at Shutter Boutique about the qualities of shutters and how they will help improve your home, please do contact us today.