nterior decorators know a good window shutter when they see one! They look for clean lines, well proportioned louvres that are an appropriate width for the style and age of the house, strong joints and a wood that fits the purpose.

Indeed, interior window shutters comes in many different styles and can be designed for many different purposes.

Take your bathroom, for instance. If you’d like window shutters fitting for the interior of your bathroom, only a waterproof window shutter will do. The wood should be sealed in a protective uPVC casing or with a waterproof finish. It is vital that window shutters for the interior of a bathroom do not warp or bend over time.

Equally, the humidity of a kitchen requires an interior window shutter that can resist heat and moisture while being easy to clean and maintain. Our Faux Wood and Vinyl ranges of interior window shutters do the trick.

Wide window expanses also demand a certain type of interior window shutter. The wood for these shutters must be incredible light, so the hinges can support the weight of the shutter and prevent sagging in the middle of the window. Using the wrong window shutter in such cases damages the interior finish of a room. Home owners are wise to heed the advice of our specialist craftsmen, who are on hand to measure and fit bespoke interior window shutters that meet the individual needs and style demands of each home.

If you’re keen to explore the wonderful world of interior window shutters and are curious about the options available, please browse Shutter Boutique and call us with any questions. Our wide range of interior window shutters can be custom made in as little as three weeks and guaranteed for as long as 25 years! Contact us today to learn more.