I just took a phone call from a Stockport home owner, keen to explore the benefits of window shutters. This gentleman was a landlord of several properties in Stockport and has a continuing problem (as we all do!) with heat and humidity in bathrooms.

A number of his properties in Stockport have bathrooms that suffer from mildew and the blinds he has installed in these properties need to be changed at least every year. He’s recognised this spiralling cost only depreciates his rental yield and is looking for a solution that will circumvent this unnecessary spend.

Enter the window shutter! Our faux wood and vinyl window shutter ranges present economic and style benefits to this Stockport landlord. Both window shutters options are made here in the UK, are waterproof and do not bend or warp in heat and humidity. These window shutters are guaranteed for 10 and 25 years respectively, delivering peace of mind to this Stockport landlord and his tenants.

Our landlord also recognised the benefits of installing shutters not only in his bathrooms, but also in the kitchen, where greasy build up on roller blinds was damaging the appeal of his properties. Stylish, wipe-clean shutters solve this problem for him. A quick wipe down with a cloth and our shutters are as good as new – even the laziest tenant in Stockport can’t deny that’s not low maintenance!

We also discussed the security benefits of shutters when used on vulnerable ground-floor windows. Out of sight, out of mind really does ring true. Window shutters deliver ultimate light control while keeping out prying eyes and nosy neighbours, ensuring the property offers no temptation to opportunistic thieves. Furthermore, window shutters are a literal barrier between the window and room – another obstacle for thieves to battle and a great deterrent.

If you’re a landlord or home owner in Stockport keen to explore the many benefits of window shutters please don’t hesitate to browse our site and call with any questions. Our master craftsmen are on hand to help you today.