Bespoke Made to Measure Weinor Patio Awnings for the Home and Garden

Awnings are a wonderful addition to a new home, or as part of a home remodel. It can also be a very quick and affordable way to spruce up your garden without requiring much effort. Shutter Boutique is offering a new line of motorised and retractable awnings for your patio, balcony or conservatory. Available in a wide range of fabric patterns and frame colours you are sure to find the perfect match for your home.

Cassita Awning

Cassita is a name synonymous with style and grace. This super slim awning adds shade to your patio during the summer, and easily folds back into its cassette when not in use. The retracted awning fully fits into the sleek and elegant oval shaped cassette and never detracts from the look of your home. At Shutter Boutique, we offer a wide range of fabric patterns and frame colours made to measure your specific patio.

We have no doubts you are sure to find the perfect one to match your décor or personal tastes. Cassita awnings can be installed with an optional LED light bar as well, meaning you can enjoy your patio in the evenings and early mornings if you desire.

Livona / LED AwningAt Shutter Boutique, we can offer a unique line of Livona awnings. These awnings are a great way to provide shade to your patio year round, and with such a gentle design they almost seem to be floating above the ground. They are easily retractable so you can be in total control of how much sunlight you want to receive throughout the summer months.

And with available LED lighting, you can even enjoy your patio in the evening or early morning hours. You will soon find yourself enjoying your patio much more than you were before the awning was installed. Turn off the televisions and computers, grab a book and come enjoy the fresh air outdoors. Listen to birds sing and feel the gentle breezes on your skin.

Opal Design AwningShutters Boutique carries the opal design awning for homeowners who want a top class and elegant addition to their home. Opal has one to design awards and is available in more than 100 fabric patterns and 56 frame colours to match any existing décor, or to create unique outdoor element to help you stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood. Once extended, the Opal awning can provide shade from even low-lying sun; and when it’s retracted the elegant storage cassette with the architecture of your home.

The Opal Design brand of classic awnings join an already extensive line of modern interior shutters available from Shutter Boutique. All of the shutters we offer have been hand-crafted by master craftsmen right here in the UK and are made to fit a wide range of existing decors while staying well within your budget

Zenara AwningZenara is built to cover even the largest patio or balcony up to 6 m in width, with a 4 m awning projection. Whether your home is modern or contemporary, with more than 150 fabric patterns and 56 frame colours to choose from you are sure to find a combination to match your existing décor and complement your home. If you prefer to stand out from the rest you can easily find a fabric and frame combination to do just that. Each awning has the option of adding LED lighting so that you may enjoy your patio or balcony in the evening or early morning.

If you need any information about Weinor Patio Awnings please call 0800 145 5278