The epitome of practicality, window blinds can be a brilliant choice for busy home owners. But what do they really say about your home?

Venetian, vertical, roman or bamboo, here we explore what each of these window blinds say about your home.

Venetian window blinds – While wooden varieties deliver class and simplicity, metal versions bend easily and can quickly cheapen the look of a home. We know you’ll be enjoying lower maintenance than most and allergens will be reduced, and the light control is great – but is light still slipping in through all those gaps?

Vertical window blinds – Stroll down any cul-de-sac or around any bundle of bungalows and you’ll see vertical blinds hanging in every window. An affliction of our aging nation, we can’t understand why homeowners want to make their houses look like offices!

Roman window blinds – There’s something rustic about a roman blind. The thick material pleats perfectly and adds warmth to any window. But watch out for mildew and dust. How do homeowners keep these window blinds clean?

Bamboo window blinds – delicate in texture, bamboo window blinds deliver class to any home. Tough, lightweight and flexible, a homeowner with bamboo window blinds knows how to add style and class to their home. But is this a short term investment you’re making? How long will your blinds last?

Whichever window blinds you have in your home, ensure they deliver the right benefits for your lifestyle. In addition to the style and the period setting of your home, consider the following to ensure your window blinds are right for your needs:

  • Maintenance – will they attract and gather dust? How easy are they to clean?
  • Light integrity – can you adjust the light easily? Can you achieve a true black out effect?
  • Ease of use – can you quickly and easily adjust your blinds?
  • Look and style – do they compliment your surroundings or detract from the design of the room?