Decadence or decorating disaster? Whatever you think of roman shades, here’s a pro and con list of the classic window treatment.

An introduction to Roman shades
Roman shades consist of fabric custom-fitted to the width of your window which folds up in large pleats when drawn up by cords.

The thickness and shade of the fabric will dictate the amount of light your roman blinds will let into a room. Roman shades make effective blackout blinds, while lighter shades are popular in rooms such as conservatories and porches where they offer privacy without obscuring too much light.

Often, the cords which are woven through the fabric are covered with an appliquéd panel of contrasting material. This can give a striking effect to the blinds.

Why consider roman blinds for your home?
Clean lines and well-fitted panels create a modern yet warm look. Roman blinds are available in a wide variety of colours and materials, allowing you to customise your window treatment to the style of the room and the effect you wish to create. Low-cost, roman blinds are an affordable option for home owners and landlords alike.

Why consider an alternative to roman blinds?
Fabric in close proximity to windows may be subject to condensation causing mildew to grow on the reverse of your roman blind. Consider a material that naturally resists mildew or one that has been treated to repel it.

Are you seeking a long-term window treatment solution? The durability of roman blinds is questionable, as the materials are often finer and more delicate than some alternatives.

Parents and watchful relatives are increasingly concerned with the strangulation hazards of blinds with cords. While the cords are mostly hidden when roman blinds are down, when drawn up the release cord is exposed and often left to hang free. We advise a cord securing clip or similar to ensure small children and pets cannot get tangled in the mechanism.

Cleaning a roman blind is often frustrating. Fabrics attract dust which tends to gather in the pleats of a roman blind. Vacuuming may remove some of it or a damp cloth on a thicker fabric.

For long term durable solution, you might like to consider the simplicity of shutters. Hidden tilt rods avoid hazards, wipe-clean surfaces reduce dust and maintenance and further more shutters are proven to reduce energy bills by up to 8%. Read more on our site, Shutter Boutique.