One of the first questions we’re asked here at Shutter Boutique is: how much does it cost? Cheap blinds are on people’s minds and there’s a fine balance between cost and quality.

We stock a range of affordable shutters and cater to all tastes and budgets. While we do our best to match price expectations, if you go too cheap with blinds, you risk sacrificing the quality and craftsmanship paying that little bit extra will get you.

If you’re after cheap blinds combined with quality, ensure your cheap blinds include a guarantee. Our minimum guarantee here at Shutter Boutique is five years. Do your cheap blinds come with a guarantee? This could save you a lot of hassle should they not live up to expectations.

Craftsmanship – a cheap blind may not have the clean lines, strong tendon joints and attention to detail of a more expensive model. Will those cheap blinds deliver the style and function you’re looking for?

Style-matching cheap blinds can prove difficult, as mass production means exact colour matching is impossible. If you’re looking for a stunning back drop to your bedroom or living space, and would like to tie in your window treatment to the rest of your decor, look for a cheap blind that comes with a colour-matching service.

Not all cheap blinds are suitable for bathrooms or kitchens. Be sure you’re selecting a cheap blind that is waterproof or water resistant. Likewise, check the wood of a cheap blind has been well rested. This will ensure it won’t warp or twist as it ‘cures’ over time.

To be sure you’re buying the best cheap blinds for your budget cross-reference these things with the cheap blind supplier. Quality craftsmen will be able to offer sound advice and a quick and efficient fitting service. For more information on Shutter Boutique’s range of affordable cheap blinds and wooden shutters, contact us today.