Which Window Treatment is Right for Your Home?

The term ‘window treatment’ sounds medical, doesn’t it? As you would ‘treat’ woodworm, you might ‘treat’ your window…

Of course, it refers to the dressing or interior design elements you place in, on or around a window. It’s a ‘treat’ in the sense of enjoyment, then!

But which is right for your home? Which window treatment best suits your style, lifestyle, family members and budget?

You’re reading the blog of a shutter fanatic, but I’ll try to be as unbiased as possible as I take you through the different window treatment style options I discuss with my customers.

First up, what does the rest of your room look like? What style are you trying to evoke? Your window treatment can be a part of that, or your might like it to take a back seat. Would you like your window treatment be a blank canvas for the rest of the room?

Secondly, what’s the age of your home? If you’re living in a character property, would you like your window treatment to be representative of the age of your home, or are you keen to update and refresh the style with your window treatment?

Thirdly, how’s the view? Are you keen to bring it in, or block it out? The right window treatment can help you frame the view.

It’s also important to consider the view in terms of privacy. The window treatment you select will vary depending on the level of privacy you require. Window treatments can deter prying eyes, nosy neighbours and opportunistic thieves. The right window treatment need not deny your home of light. Shutters for example, allow you to angle the light into a room while maintaining excellent levels of privacy.

And that brings me to the last consideration of window treatments – how much light do you want to allow into your room, and how much versatility do you require in terms of blocking light out? This might impact the density of the fabric you select for your window treatment, or – in the case of shutters – the width of the louvre and heigh of the panels.

The window treatment you select should take into consideration all of these elements. I’d also urge you to think of your window treatment in terms of an investment in your home. The right long term solution may require a higher initial investment, but the durability and longevity of the right window treatment will repay you in years to come as the style outlives lower-cost, more temporary options.

If you’d like to discuss your window treatment options with a shutter expect, call Shutter Boutique on 0800 145 5278 today.