On first glance, vertical blinds look like a fitting window treatment solution for many homes. However, home owners are increasingly turning to shutters for a long-term style solution that offers more favourable benefits than vertical blinds.

Let’s look at the benefits of vertical blinds:

  • Vertical blinds are an affordable solution. Smarter and less fussy than curtains, they give windows a clean silhouette.
  • Vertical blinds are available in an array of colours, allowing home owners to coordinate their interiors.
  • Vertical blinds allow you to angle the light away from TV and computer screens. Blackout options are also available.
  • Vertical blinds can be easy to clean if certain materials, such PVC, are selected.
  • Vertical blinds are easy to operate with no complicated pulley system.

But are vertical blinds the right solution for you?

Having grown up in a home with too many vertical blinds to count, I know from personal experience vertical blinds aren’t all they make out to be.

Are vertical blinds stylish?
Vertical blinds are weighted by thin white plastic blocks, hooked together with plastic ‘chain’ and operated by plastic draw cords. While this delivers function, it lacks in style.

Cats and other animals
Cats with a penchant for window sills like nothing better than wrapping themselves through the panels of vertical blinds. Often they get tangled up; more likely, they’ll disconnect or break the plastic chain, damaging the function of the blind and altering the aesthetic qualities of the vertical blind. If you’re a cat lover, you might like to think twice before purchasing vertical blinds!

A soulless solution
Vertical blinds are a great solution for large open plan offices, but are they the right solution for your home? There’s something very ‘mass production’ about a vertical blind and while offering a clean and simple window dressing, they can be unforgivably soulless.

Small children
Increasingly, parents are aware of the dangers of blinds with cords and pulley systems when it comes to young children. There’s a risk of accidental strangulation with these types of blind. If you have young children or children frequently visiting your home, a vertical blind may be hazardous solution.

Energy saving benefits
Unlike shutters, vertical blinds are unable to offer any energy saving benefits to homeowners. Shutters provide a solid barrier between windows and rooms, keeping heat in and noise and light out. Vertical blinds are unable to offer this added benefits.

Whichever window treatment solution you choose, be sure to find a solution that fits your home, style and budget. Shutters are proving increasingly popular with homeowners for the light control, security benefits and energy saving properties. More and more people are abandoning vertical blinds in favour of shutters.

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