Window Shutters in Altrincham Manchester

Which Shutters Should you Choose?
If you’re looking for quality window shutters in Altrincham, Manchester then you have come to the right place. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know what is right for your home? Fortunately, our 15 plus years of experience in sourcing and fitting shutters puts us in the ideal position to advise you. But if you want to get a basic lowdown on material, style and colour options then read on.

Which Type of Wood?
Almost everybody appreciates the natural beauty of wood and we offer a number of options for people searching for wooden window shutters in Altrincham, Manchester. The properties of the specific wood used have an important effect on what styles and shapes are possible (see the next section) and in some circumstances wood is not advisable at all. For example, if you are on a tight budget and want shutters that are extra-resilient to warping, denting and fading you might consider our ‘Faux Wood’ shutters, formed from a wood composite, wrapped in a hardened case and finished off with a satin coating. The plastic ‘Java’ shutters are fully waterproof and are recommended for bathrooms and wet rooms, while vinyl shutters are extremely hard-wearing, easy to maintain and perfect for hot and humid conditions, such as those found in orangeries or conservatories.

Our wooden shutters include the light and silvery white teak of our eco-friendly ‘Sumatra‘ shutters, ideal for working into unusual shapes; the beautiful larch wood of our ‘Fiji‘ shutters with its distinctive grain and strong composition; the lightweight hardwood of our versatile ‘Cuba‘ shutters and the affordable, durable and eco-friendly ‘Antigua‘ shutter, our lead-in collection.

Styles and Shapes
Within our extensive range of window shutters in Altrincham, Manchester there is almost certainly a shutter to fit any requirement. However, the properties of each material place limits on which collection can be used. For example, the Faux wood and Cuba shutters are restricted to only rectangular or linear spaces whereas the Sumatra shutters are incredibly versatile and can be customised to fit windows and doors of almost any shape or size.

Most of our window shutters in Altrincham, Manchester come in five distinct styles: full length; cafe-style (bottom only); tier-on-tier, where the top and bottom panels can be adjusted independently; tracked bi-fold and tracked by-pass. The last two feature panels that are suspended from a track and that either fold into or slide past one another.

Customise with Colour
Finally, some of our collections are available in an impressive array of colours. For example, our Sumatra shutters come in no fewer than 28 different hues. Others are restricted due to the type of material or paint required. For example, our Antigua shutters are available in five shades of white while our waterproof Java collection can be ordered in one of six colours.

The above gives you some general pointers about our window shutters in Altrincham, Manchester. We recommend you book an installation survey where one of our expert fitters can source the perfect shutter for your home.