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In common with many other UK towns and cities, there has been a recent increase in the number of homes with plantation window shutters in Didsbury. If you are disappointed with curtains and blinds and are looking to try window shutters out in your home, we are the ideal company to help sort you out.

We are happy to come to your home and provide a free and comprehensive design consultation and survey with our professional and experienced surveyors. If you do decide to purchase our high quality plantain shutters, our equally experienced fitters will ensure a perfect fit in your window frames.
What’s all the Fuss About?

There are many reasons why homeowners fit window shutters in Didsbury properties. For a start, they are very fashionable and can be styled to fit in with any type of design scheme, from traditional to modern and relaxed to formal. This is due to a number of factors including the wide range of styles and colours available, their versatility when it comes to dressing unusually shaped windows and the different ways in which light can be manipulated.

Unlike curtains, which are either open and closed, the panels of each window shutter can be adjusted individually by tilting the louvres to the degree desired. When maximum lighting is required, many styles of window shutter can be folded away completely to leave the window completely open and let the sunshine stream in.

One attractive quality of plantation window shutters in Didsbury is their thermal insulating properties. By helping to keep the elements at bay, the need for expensive heating can be minimised, even during our harsh North West winters!

Security and safety are yet more good reasons for choosing window shutters in Didsbury. Opportunist thieves know that Didsbury is a relatively affluent area and shutters keep valuables safe from prying eyes, while their cord-free design gives shutters a big advantage over blinds where young children are concerned . Noise reduction is another benefit enjoyed by Didsbury residents with plantation shutters, especially those who live within earshot of a busy road.
Our Range of Window Shutter Products

Whether you are looking for a high end, luxurious hardwood set of shutters or something economical that still looks great we will have something for you. Our real wood shutters include beautiful cedar wood, a gently scented and attractive wood from the Western red cedar tree which is great for spacious windows and high-humidity areas; basswood, a versatile wood, popular with carpenters because of its workability, or larch wood, a great material but towards the affordable end of the spectrum.

We also offer PVC and faux wood window shutters in Didsbury. These have the advantage of complete waterproofing, increased durability (with an extended warranty to match), improved insulation and lower pricing.
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Once you have tried plantation window shutters you will probably never want to set eyes on curtains or blinds again. To see our samples, call us today and book your free home or business survey.