Have you Considered Window Shutters?

The growth in popularity of plantation window shutters in Lancashire is easy to understand once you’ve experienced the multiple benefits of this versatile and surprisingly affordable alternative to curtains and blinds. Available in both contemporary and traditional designs, wooden plantation shutters are a practical and flexible solution for window-dressing any room.

Not only do plantation window shutters look stylish, they are also great for keeping in heat, helping to reduce gas and electricity bills during those bitter Lancashire winters. Shutters also enable homeowners to control light levels while maintaining privacy and improving security, something which is limited with blinds and almost impossible with curtains.
Why Choose Our Shutters?

With over 40 years in the industry, few providers of window shutters in Lancashire can beat our combined experience. Whether you live – or have a business – in Blackburn, Bolton, Preston or elsewhere in Lancs, our professional and friendly team can offer sound advice, solutions to design problems and a fast service. In fact, some of our window shutters in Lancashire are up and working within three weeks – twice as fast as some of our local competitors. We are happy to cater for both domestic and commercial customers so don’t hesitate in contacting us for a free home survey and design consultation.
Fine Woods and Craftsmanship

We only deal in carefully sourced, quality wood and each of our unique set of shutters have been sensitively treated and expertly crafted from procurement to fitting. For example, every one of our wooden window shutters in Lancashire once started its life as a piece of timber, stored for at least six months before being kiln-dried using state-of-the-art climate-specific technology. The final product is built using crack-resistant mortice and tenon joinery, marine-grade staples and multiple coats of high quality paint or stains, topped with a UV-resistant lacquer, before being pre-assembled to ensure it fits together perfectly prior to flat-packing and delivery.
Tailor-made for your Spaces

Every window space is different and every room experiences different conditions. Therefore every one of our window shutters in Lancashire is equally unique. Whether you have bays, arches, unusually big, small or even misshapen windows, you will be surprised with the versatility we can offer. Basswood in particular is renowned for its workability, while the properties of cedar wood can make these type of wooden shutters perfect for big spaces. Cedar is also recommended if you are fitting shutters to a room with a high moisture content (e.g. bathrooms) although full waterproofing may require a false wood or PVC alternative. Either way, our experienced surveyors can advise you of the best way forward.
Colour and Lighting Options

Plantation window shutters are prized by interior designers because of the almost unlimited pattern of lighting that can be created. As each set of louvres can be individually adjusted, each panel can admit the exact degree of light required. Combined with a wide range of colours and stains, this opens up almost limitless options for the creative designer.

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