Window Shutters in Prestwich Manchester

For window shutters in Prestwich, look no further than Shutter Boutique. We stock, supply and fit elegant, high-quality hand-crafted window shutters for Prestwich home owners.

Prestwich home owners can choose from a wide selection of superior window shutters, each measured and built to your specifications.

In Prestwich, our window shutters are available in a number of styles and finishes, each delivering a vast array of benefits to Prestwich home owners. From style to durability, window shutters promise elegance, luxury and affordability.
The benefits of window shutters in Prestwich

Window shutters are a refined and tasteful addition to your Prestwich home. Known for their practicality, window shutters put you in full control of the light play in your home. Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms can all benefit from the addition of a window shutter.

With the twist of a tilt rod, the louvres of your window shutters will angle light in and out of a room, flooding it with light or blocking it out completely. Prestwich home owners are able to have all this light control while also improving privacy and security. Window shutters prevent prying eyes from peaking into your personal space, while not compromising on light or design.

Window shutters also enable Prestwich home owners to save on energy bills. Window shutters form a barrier between the window and the room, shutting out draughts and locking in heat. Home owners in Prestwich will note considerable savings on energy bill over the years.

And all our shutters are guaranteed for many years to come! The minimum guarantee we offer is 5 years, up to 25 years on certain window shutter ranges.
window shuttersWhich style of window shutter is right for my Prestwich home?

Before you select your window shutters for your Prestwich home, we recommend you speak with one of our experienced window shutter craftsmen. They will be able to advise you on the style, shape and size options available to you and offer advice on the best value options.

Window shutters are available in full or half height. Half height window shutters are also known as cafe style window shutters. Your Prestwich home may benefit from either style, depending on the use and position of the room.

Waterproof window shutters are available for kitchens and bathrooms in Prestwich. Encased in uPVC, these window shutters will not warp or bend in the heat and humidity of the rooms. Additionally, they are easy to wipe clean and are guaranteed for 25 years.

Lightweight FSC approved wood is used in our Sumatra range of window shutters. Prestwich home owners may select this popular style for its fine grain and elegent styling. It’s a beautiful wood to carve and the results are stunning. A huge number of paint and stain finishes are available with this range of window shutters. You’ll find more information on our Sumatra window shutter page.

It’s important to consider the width of your window expanse when selecting window shutters. Our Prestwich craftsmen are on hand to advise you about this. The weight of the wood is an important factor here, as the heavier woods are best suited for narrower windows. A curved bay window, for example, will benefit from a lighter wood, where the shutters must reach far from the supporting hinges.

Special shapes are also available with our Prestwich window shutters. Circles, rectangles and octagons are popular choices, built to specific requirements to suit feature windows.
How do I measure for my window shutters?

We recommend a professional window shutter craftsmen measures and fits your window shutters in Prestwich. Our experienced team is guaranteed and insured to achieve the perfect fit, delivering brilliant results every time.

For more information about window shutters for your Prestwich home, contact Shutter Boutique today.