Selecting Your Window Shutters Interior

Window shutters for the interior of your home from Shutter Boutique, offer home owners countless benefits, but the two most common reasons for selecting window shutters are light control or interior style.

Light control is enormously optimised by window shutters on the interior of your home. The louvres (or slats) that lie horizontally across window shutter interior panels can be tilted up or down – much like a Venetian blind. However, the entire window shutter interior structure is far more robust than a blind, incredibly simple to operate and far more durable.

Window shutter interior style is the second most popular reason for selecting window shutters. Interior decor is no longer for the rich and famous. It’s an accessible art made affordable by the likes of Ikea and other international brands.

Interior window shutters bring timeless interior style to a room. For some, they serve as a seamless backdrop that is perfectly colour-matched to the walls of the room. The window shutter interior melts in to their surroundings, giving home owners a blank canvas from which to work.

For others, window shutters are an interior statement piece, finished in striking shades and a high gloss finish. For these home owners the window shutter interior is the master piece of their home decor – decor designed to dazzle!

If you’re considering window shutters for the interior of your home, there are some broad guidelines to keep in mind before style runs away with you. While many of the window shutter interior ranges we stock here at Shutter Boutique are available in countless paints, stains and finishes, there remain a number of best practice rules we follow when advising our customers.

The height of your interior window shutters will impact the interior of your home but also the quality of light and the amount of light control available. Full height window shutters can deliver that complete blank canvas look, or (depending on colour) that bold statement effect.

Full height window shutters are popular in bedrooms while half-height (or cafe-style) window shutters are popular in front-facing ground floor rooms and in rooms where you may entertain guests.

The final window shutter interior effect has a big impact on interior style so be sure to consider this early on.

The width of your window expanse might impact which wood you can choose for your window shutters. A wide window expanse is best suited to lighter woods, as they are less likely to sag in the middle, as they stretch further from the hinges.

Wood is of particular important to interior design if you’re considering a stain. A painted or encapsulated finish offers more flexibility in this regard.

Use of the room
The interior of a kitchen or bathroom is subject to intense heat and humidity and as such, the window shutters used for the interior need to withstand the temperatures and moisture in the environment. Selecting the wrong window shutter here will mean the wood will warp and crack over time, ruining the interior design of your room. A waterproof window shutter interior should be carefully selected to ensure this does not happen and to endure the conditions of the room.

If you’re considering window shutters as part of your interior design, contact Shutter Boutique today to learn more. Our experienced craftsmen are on hand to answer your questions.