Have you seen the recent adverts for ‘Business is Great Britain’? They celebrate the sole traders and business owners of the UK, and advertise the government support available to them. As a UK businessman myself (Shutter Boutique is British born and bred), there’s nothing better than seeing a UK business take off.

If you believe in supporting local businesses too, you’ll be interested to learn that we supply and fit window shutters made here, in the UK.

The Faux Wood range of window shutters is made here in the UK and offers a myriad of benefits.

Along with the standard benefits you get with window shutters (light control, energy savings, increased privacy and security, timeless style and durability…) UK made window shutters are available in just three weeks from measurement to installation. They are guaranteed for 10 years – one of the longest warranties available with window shutters – and suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

Faux wood window shutters are made from a wood composite and wrapped in a hardened case. This ensures the shutters do not warp or dent, fade or chip and will resist UV rays and the heat and moisture of bathroom and kitchen environments. They are also suitable for use outdoors.
Window Shutters UK

They are one of the most affordable ranges of window shutters. Add to that, the fact they are made in the UK and it’s easy to see why they’re one of our most popular choices.

Customers who select the UK made Faux Wood window shutters do so because of the speedy deliver and versatile use. As well as being popular in UK bedrooms and bathrooms, they’re also great for nurseries and playrooms – or anywhere they might get a bit of bashing or splashed with a bit of dirt! These UK window shutters are so resilient you can really put them to the test!

If you’d like to know more, please do check out the Faux Wood shutter range page for more information, or give Shutter Boutique a call!