Antigua Shutters

The Antigua Shutter range is our entry-level shutter collection made from engineered, eco-friendly wood. Finished with a patented polymer coating, these shutters are hard-wearing and resistant to dents, chips, scuffs and fading.

Finished to same exacting standards as all our shutters, the Antigua Shutter range is as tough and lustrous as our premium ranges.

Finished to same exacting standards as all our shutters, the Antigua Shutter range is as tough and lustrous as our premium ranges.

They are incredibly easy to look after and their entry-level pricing makes the Antigua range of shutters a fantastic choice for children’s playrooms and rental properties.

Antigua shutters are heavier than most shutters, limiting the options in regard to panel number and shape. Only linear (rectangular) shapes and five shades of white – pure white, silk white, bright white, pearl and creamy – are available with this range.

White remains the colour of choice for discerning home owners who recognise the versatility of the colour as a back drop to ever-changing interior fashions and tastes. Antigua Shutters offer a timeless elegance and can be accessorised with a range of nine hinges in varying colours – a great way to add spark and difference to your shutters.

The construction process for Antigua Shutters
Super-strong mortise and tenon joints are used in the production of our Antigua Shutters to minimise movement – movement that would otherwise cause cracking and spoil the aesthetic finish of your Antigua Shutter. The stable construction of our Antigua Shutters ensures they maintain their finish, shape and structure.

The finishing touches
From the wood to the finish, all the materials used in the construction of your Antigua Shutters are of expert quality. We use marine grade staples to attach our tilt rods to your shutters and coat them in a bonding agent to ensure they remain secure.

A proprietary painting system coats our Antigua Shutters in 6 layers of paint before finishing with a clear lacquer that contains a UV additive to ensure your shutters will not fade or yellow over time.

Style and Special shapes

  • Antigua Shutters are available in the following styles:
  • Full Height – covering the full height of the window
  • Cafe Style – covering the lower half of the window
  • Tier-on-tier – covering the full height of the window, split in half, allowing the top and bottom sections to move independently
  • Tracked Shutters – Bi-fold – suspended from a top track, shutters concertina when opened
  • Tracked Shutters – By-pass – suspended from a top track, panels slide behind or in front of one another when opened

Antigua Shutters are available in linear shapes only.


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    The options available to you
    Antigua Shutters from Shutter Boutique are available in a range of colours, stains and shapes.

    • 5 colours
    • 9 hinge colours
    • 3 louvre sizes
    • 9 frame styles
    • Up to 2 panels hinged together

    Why choose Antigua Shutters from Shutter Boutique?
    Choose Antigua Shutters for:
    Quality at a low cost
    Wide windows – up to four panels can be hinged together
    5 year guarantee
    Delivery and installation in the region of 6-10 weeks

    Looking for an alternative?
    If you’re looking for shutter doors, try our super light Cuba Shutter range
    Shapes such as circles, sunbursts and octagons can be catered for with our Sumatra range
    Shutter Boutique would not recommend these shutters for hot and humid environments. Try our Java and Faux Wood ranges for waterproof options

    The bottom line?
    Antigua Shutters offer a great, affordable option while not compromising on quality. While more options are available in other ranges, the Antigua Shutter range delivers style, durability and quality at a great price!

    Our team of expert shutter craftsmen are on hand to answer your questions. We’ll listen carefully to your requirements and recommend a shutter range that best suits your home and lifestyle.

    For more information on the Antigua range of shutters, and to book an installation survey call 0203 9110 067 today.