Basswood Shutters

Basswood Shutters have been replaced with the Sumatra Shutter range. A premium range of shutters, Sumatra Shutters replicate the quality and durability of Basswood Shutters but the white teak used in its production is FSC approved.

‘FSC approved’ means the wood comes from forests that are managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner. Shutter Boutique is delighted to offer this premium range of Sumatra Shutters to its customers in place of the Basswood Shutter range.

Shutters have long been coveted by the style-conscious for their timeless elegance and adaptable style. Shutters allow you to impeccably dress your windows, replacing or complimenting curtains, becoming an interior backdrop or statement as required.

Basswood shutters are known for their great flexibility in shutter design. Long-favoured by craftsmen for its versatile properties, Basswood is a strong and stable, lightweight hardwood with a straight, ultrafine grain.

Basswood Shutters from Shutter Boutique

Basswood can be carved into a multitude of shapes and styles, making it the perfect material for constructing stylish, elegant shutters. The FSC certified white teak used in the Sumatra Shutter range, which replaces the Basswood range, shares these same qualities.

The remarkable lightness of Basswood enables a higher number of shutter panels to be hinged together on each side of a window. This made Basswood Shutters a great option for wide window expanses. You’ll find these same qualities in the Sumatra Shutter range, which replaces the Basswood Shutter range with FSC certified white teak wood.

Basswood takes stain exceptionally well, giving a smooth and polished finish. The white teak used in the Sumatra range of shutters also has a beautiful grain making it a great option for stains. The range is available in a wide range of standard and custom colours, including Farrow and Ball.

Above and beyond all other style options, the white shutter remains the colour of choice for many Shutter Boutique customers. The brave and the bold select from our daring range of stronger hues, while others select contrasting hinges to make a statement. With custom-shades available, it’s possible to specifically tailor the shutters to your personal interior style.

Let light flood your rooms or filter it through angled louvers with shutters from Shutter Boutique. The joy of shutters is in the flexible control they offer over lighting and the absolute privacy they provide at the twitch of a tilt rod.

As with all Shutter Boutique shutters, the Basswood range was engineered to prevent bowing and warping. The stable properties of Basswood add to this, creating shutter of superior quality that will compliment your home for many years. Now replaced by the Sumatra Shutter range, you will find these same qualities in the manufacture of out alternative FSC certified range.


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    Overview of Basswood Shutters from Shutter Boutique
    The Basswood range of shutters has now been replaced with the FSC approved Sumatra Shutter range. Select this range of shutters for:

    • Premium quality
    • Versatility in both shape and style
    • Wide window expanses
    • A full range of paint colour and stain choices
    • A wide range of shapes
    • A wide range of frames
    • 5 year guarantee
    • Delivery and installation in the region of 6-10 weeks
    • FSC approved quality timber

    Looking for an alternative?

    • The Sumatra Shutter range is a premium range of shutters. For a similar but more affordable range of shutters, try our Antigua Shutter range
    • Shutter Boutique would not recommend the Sumatra Shutter range for very hot or humid environments such as the kitchen or bathroom. If you require a waterproof shutter, try our Java and Faux Wood ranges.

    For more information about the Sumatra Shutter range which replaces the Basswood Shutter range please call 0203 9110 067 today.