Cuba Shutters

Combining a lightweight hardwood shutter with an engineered eco-friendly frame, the Cuba shutter allows for more panels to be hinged together.

This option is great if you’re looking to increase the number of panels per shutter or wish to cover a large window expanse.
With nine frame styles to choose from, the Cuba Shutter range can be tailor to suit your interior decor, be it modern or traditional.
The louvers of a Cuba shutter are available in four sizes, giving you real flexibility with this range. The paint finish is available in six shades of white.



The manufacturing process for Cuba Shutters
The hardwood used in the production of our Cuba Shutters is rested for six months before being twice kiln-dried. The computer-controlled drying process takes into account the specific climate conditions in the UK. This allows the wood to settle before being treated and ensures your Cuba Shutters won’t warp over time and will give you years of enjoyment.

The construction process for Cuba Shutters
Super-strong mortise and tenon joints are used in the production of our Cuba Shutters to minimise movement – movement that would otherwise cause cracking in the paint or stain finish and spoil the aesthetic finish of your Cuba Shutter. The stable construction of our Cuba Shutters ensures they maintain their finish, shape and structure.

The finishing touches
From the wood to the finish, all the materials used in the construction of your Cuba Shutters are of expert quality. We use marine grade staples to attach our tilt rods to your shutters and coat them in a bonding agent to ensure they remain secure.

A proprietary painting system coats our Cuba Shutters in 6 layers of paint or stain before finishing with a clear lacquer that contains a UV additive to ensure your shutters will not fade or yellow over time.

Style and Special shapes
Cuba Shutters are available in the following styles:

  • Full Height – covering the full height of the window
  • Cafe Style – covering the lower half of the window
  • Tier-on-tier – covering the full height of the window, split in half, allowing the top and bottom sections to move independently
  • Tracked Shutters – Bi-fold – suspended from a top track, shutters concertina when opened
  • Tracked Shutters – By-pass – suspended from a top track, panels slide behind or in front of one another when opened

The options available to you
Cuba Shutters from Shutter Boutique are available in a range of colours, stains and shapes.

  • 5 colours
  • 9 hinge colours
  • 3 louvre sizes
  • 9 frame styles
  • Up to 4 panels hinged together

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    Why choose Cuba Shutters from Shutter Boutique?

    Choose Cuba Shutters for:

    • Wide windows – the light weight of the wood allows for many panels to be hinged together
    • Doors – the light weight also makes the Cuba Shutter range a great option for tracked shutters and doors
    • 5 year guarantee
    • Delivery and installation in the region of 6-10 weeks

    Looking for an alternative?

    • For special shapes such as circles and octagons, and for a wider range of colours, check out our Sumatra and Fiji Shutter ranges
    • For wet rooms, kitchens and bathrooms our Java and Faux Wood ranges will impress
    • In a hurry? Our Faux Wood range can be delivered and installed in just 3 weeks!

    The bottom line?
    The Cuba Shutter range is perfect for wide windows and shutter doors because it’s so light. It’s not waterproof, so try an alternative range for hot and humid environments. The Cuba shutter range is only available in ‘linear’ or rectangular shapes.

    Our expert craftsmen are on hand to help you make the right choice for your home. To discuss your window shutter requirements, find out more about the Cuba Shutter range and to book an installation survey, call 0203 9110 067 today.