Window Shutters on Location in Welwyn Garden City

I was watching ‘Location, Location, Location’ over the weekend, enjoying a re-run of an episode in Welwyn Garden City. To my delight, as the camera panned down street after street, I spotted more than one handsome house adorned with window shutters.

Window shutters have long been regarded as a timeless style sensation and are added to homes for both their visual appeal and practical benefits. The home owners of Welwyn Garden City obviously know a thing or two about that!

If you’re based in or around Welwyn Garden City and are considering window shutters for your home, here’s a short list of considerations:

Should I choose Internal or External Window Shutters?
This always depends on the age and style of the house and street in Welwyn Garden City, as well as what you are trying to achieve with your window shutters.

Internal window shutters offer a host of benefits – from energy saving to cleaning and maintenance.

External window shutters tend to be purely decorative although functioning external window shutters are available. These are more popular in coastal locations where the weather is a going concern! In Welwyn Garden City, you’ll find external shutters are most often used to bring character to a property.

Is it style you’re after?
If you’re after an elegant window treatment for your Welwyn Garden City home, the clean lines of window shutters will deliver that by the spade. Various paints and stain finishes are available in a wide range of colours. Louvre (or slat) width can be altered to deliver a different look, and the height of the window shutter can also be adapted to suit the type of window installed.

Light control?
Window shutters deliver superior light control while increasing privacy and security. Gone are the days of lace curtains. The louvres of window shutters allow you to angle in the light, or block it out completely, while preventing prying eyes from peeping in to your front room. This is one of the most popular reasons for installing window shutters, as cited by customers in and around Welwyn Garden City.

Window Shutters Welwyn Garden City
If you’re based in Welwyn Garden City and would like more information about window shutter installation, give Shutter Boutique a call today. There are a host of options available to you and our experienced master craftsmen will be able to advise you on the best window shutters for your property and budget.