Top 10 most popular questions about wooden window shutters

Shutter Boutique answers the top 10 most popular questions we receive from clients when ordering wooden window shutters.

Do wooden window shutters come with a guarantee?
Yes, they most certainly do! At least 5 years, up to 25 years on certain ranges.

Are wooden window shutters waterproof?
A standard wooden window shutters is not waterproof. However, a range that is encapsulated in a uPVC casing will resist water and humidity making them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. All our window shutters are finished with a protective UV resistant glaze. This can be high or low gloss depending on your requirements.

What colours do wooden window shutters come in?
This depends on which range you select. Some wooden window shutters can be colour-matched to the walls of your room. Others offer a range of contemporary and classic shades. While the bold colours of the Kelly Hoppen range is very popular with the style conscious, white remains our best seller.

How do I measure for wooden window shutters?
We advise that you arrange for one of our experience craftsmen to measure for you. This is a simple case of experience but also, if you get it wrong and the wooden window shutters don’t fit your window expanse, there’s very little we can do to correct the mistake. If we measure your windows, there’s very little chance of any mistakes and we’re insured if the worst happens! Give us a call to talk this through if you’ve got any questions.

What width of louvre should I chose for my wooden window shutters?
This depends on style, taste and interior decor. A narrow louvre is typical of an Edwardian look and feel, while a wider louvre more reminiscent of a modern style. The choice is yours!

How long will it take to install my wooden window shutters?
It can take as little as 3 weeks with the UK-made wooden window shutters. 6-7 weeks on average for other style.s

What are the benefits of wooden window shutters?
Style and light control and the most popular reasons for selecting wooden window shutters, but the energy savings, privacy and security benefits cannot be overlooked. For a full list of wooden window shutter benefits, head to our Benefits page.

Are wooden window shutters safe for children and animals?
They are indeed! Wooden window shutters are much safer than blinds with cords, which present a choking hazard to children and animals alike.

Do you use FSC certified wood?
Yes we do! Our Sumatra range of window shutters using FSC certified wood that is responsibly and ethically sourced.

How much do they cost?
This not a difficult question to answer but we do need a bit of information from you first, such as which range you’d like, the size (height and width) of your window and how many windows you’d like to fit. We recommend you give us a call to talk through your requirements and arrange for a consultation in your home where we can assess the best wooden window shutter options for you.

Have we missed something out?

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