As autumn approaches and winter waits on the horizon, thoughts turn once more to warming our homes.

One of the most effective window treatments for retaining heat and keeping out the cold are wood blinds. Wood blinds and shutters retain more heat than curtains or fabric blinds by forming a solid barrier between windows and rooms.

If you’re keen to keep energy costs to a minimum this winter, here are three fantastic toe-toasting reasons to choose wood blinds:

1. Lock in the heat
Wood blinds form a sealed barrier between cold or thin window panes. This locks heat in behind a solid wall of wood, keeping your rooms warmer for longer. Wooden shutters can reduce energy bills by up to 8% over an 8 year period.

2. Keep out the cold
Drafts associated with traditional sash windows often found on older properties are minimised with wood blinds. They stop drafts in their tracks, keeping your rooms warmer for longer. The style of wood blinds – particularly shutters – compliments the character of many older properties.

3. The natural warmth of wood blinds
The warm oranges and browns, the smooth, soft texture and light absorbing properties of natural wood create visual warmth in rooms. This can be used to great effect in colder, North facing properties where natural sunlight and warmth are minimal.

While thick curtains have long been associated with warmth in rooms, wood blinds carry the advantage of resisting dust. With smooth, flat surfaces, dust can be quickly and easily eradicating, along with germs and other allergy-inducing pollutants. Additionally, wood blinds deliver superior light control in rooms, whereas with curtains it’s all or nothing!

If you’re like more information on wood blinds and their heat-saving properties, please contact us today to learn more. One of our master craftsmen is on hand to take your call and answer any questions you may have about wood blinds.