Make the most of outdoor living with a garden patio awning
Spring is here and summer is on its way but are you ready for the rapid changes in temperatures? You might be planning some summer parties with your friends and family on your patio or deck, but being in the UK you know quite well how the temperature can change drastically from one day to the next. Your patio is a great place to group up with your relatives, enjoy lunch outside, let the kids play with toys in the garden, it’s even a great spot to just sit and watch the clouds roll by without a care in the world, but the sun can be uncomfortably hot on days where there is no breeze.

Having an awning overhead can allow you to get out of the house to enjoy the fresh air, sights and sounds of nature without burning up in the sun. The Weinor brand of awnings is quite popular in the UK and in addition to standard overhead awnings you can also find side-awnings. These are a very cost effective alternative to installing hedges or privacy fencing if you happen to have curious neighbours and would just like to enjoy the day without being watched.

Weinor Terrazza AwningRelax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, even while it gently rains
Don’t let a spring rain shower send you running back indoors, stay outside and relax to the sounds of the gentle drops hitting the ground knowing your canopy or awning will keep you dry. Quick and easy to extend and retract, you can adjust the awning to your personal desires. Want more sun? Just retract the awning a bit until you are satisfied. Did it just start to rain? With the press of a button you can extend the electric-powered awning out to protect you and your furniture from the elements. Potted plants on your patio or within your conservancy will also thank you for providing them the sun they need, without the extremely high temperatures to damage them.

Weinor Topas AwningShutter Boutique brings the versatility of awnings to your home
Not only are they able to match almost any style of architecture your home has, but they can easily be put to use in a variety of ways. You may want to block the sun from hitting your outdoor furniture and fading it over time, or you might want to prevent so much sun from entering your conservatory and saving on utility bills. Perhaps you have a glass roofed patio already, but want some side-awnings to add an extra dimension of privacy and protection from low lying sun and gusty breezes. Whatever your reason for deciding on an awning or canopy, Shutter Boutique creates bespoke awnings to compliment any style of home. Our design team is experienced in creating a look that can blend in seamlessly with older, more traditional homes – as well as being able to give you a modern and bold look that will have your neighbours coming over just to admire it up close. Don’t stay indoors this spring and summer, get outside and spend time with the family with lunch on the patio.

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