Did you know that aside from style, the three most popular reasons for choosing window shutters are warmth, privacy and security? I was talking to a customer in Hertfordshire about this as I measured up for full height window shutters.

Warmth, privacy and security are three essential elements of a happy home and according to research, indicative of our most basic human needs. If we’re able to protect our homes and keep ourselves warm, we’re better able to nurture conditions such as love, confidence and creativity.

Interesting stuff huh? It was fascinating to learn from this Hertfordshire home owner how window shutters can play a much bigger role in home life than we first imagine.

So, while we might choose window shutters because they’re elegant and stylish, for their sleek straight lines and timeless beauty, when we learn shutters provide security – an extra physical barrier in front of the windows – privacy – prying eyes can no longer sneak a look into our private homes – and warmth – that barrier locks in heat and keeps out draughts – we realise we’re not just making a great style choice, we’re making a great life choice.

This might sound a bit much coming from a humble window shutter craftsman but I did enjoy the way this Hertfordshire home owner recognised that the benefits of window shutters go far beyond trends, fashion or fads.

If you’re considering window shutters for your Hertfordshire home, here are some key features to look out for:

Full height or half height
Full height window shutters are popular in bedrooms where full privacy and light control are highly valued. Half height window shutters are favoured in ground floor rooms of Hertfordshire homes, often those which face the street or public areas. They ensure light is optimised but still deliver privacy and security benefits.

(If you have a particularly cold, old or draughty Hertfordshire home, the full height option will obviously lock in more heat.)

FSC Timber
If you’re the eco-conscious sort (as many in Hertfordshire are) you’ll love our Sumatra range of window shutters. Made from FSC timber, the wood is responsibly sourced in fair trade conditions. Additionally, the timber has a beautiful, fine grain which takes wood stains particularly well and it’s also quite a light wood which means it works well on wide window expanses.

(A heavy wooden shutter over a wide expanse will drop in the middle, putting pressure on the hinges and disrupting the clean lines of the final finish. An experienced Hertfordshire window shutter craftsman will be able to advice you on the best wood for your windows.)

Yes, you can get waterproof window shutters for your Hertfordshire home. Sealed in a uPVC coating, waterproof window shutters are great for hot and humid conditions such as kitchens and bathrooms. They can be easily wiped clean and do not warp in the heat or stain in the damp conditions.

If you’d like to add more than style to your Hertfordshire home, call us today for a no obligation conversation about the benefits of window shutters.