Eons old, Shutters have long been used both inside and outside the home. Here in the UK, Shutters are most commonly used internally, while in the USA and sunnier climes shutters are used externally for decorative purposes and to provide shade.

But did you know the internal shutters you see here in the UK offer more than just style? Shutters can improve a room’s light and security and reduce energy bills. Read on to find out how…

Light-altering capabilities
Angling the slats (or louvres) of a shutter by using the tilt rod has a dramatic impact on the light in a room. Small adjustments allow a sunny room more shade and a darkened room more light. When the louvres are parallel, try angling them down. You’ll notice that more light enters the room than when the louvres were flat. A high-gloss finish will cause light to bounce off the louvres, emphasising this all the more.

Additionally, when fully closed, a shutter can have near black-out qualities. Indeed, black out shutters are available with some ranges.

No other window dressing offers this level of natural light adjustment making shutters an increasingly popular choice as more home owners wake up to the light altering benefits of shutters.

Security against snoops and opportunistic thieves
While the slats of shutter allow light to flood a room, they keep nosy neighbours and opportunistic thieves firmly shut out. There’s no nosing through the louvres of a shutter!

Shutters are a modern and elegant alternative to outdated lace and voile curtains enabling home owners to live in privacy while not compromising on style.

Energy-saving secrets
Wood and UPVc composite shutters provide an additional barrier against external elements. The dense matter keeps the heat in and the cold out.

Shutters are often favoured by homeowners with sash windows. These windows are often drafty and prone to rattle. Indeed, many are glued or painted shut for just this reason. Restoring them can be a costly process and with no guarantee of a draft-free house.

Shutters offer an effective solution. They traditionally follow the shape and style of an existing window, emphasising its style while blocking out the elements.

For modern homes and windows, shutters offer style and period class while keeping heat in.

Shutter Boutique estimates a £1000 saving over an 8 year period. Plus all that style!

To find out more about which shutters might suit your home, please browse the shutter ranges here at Shutter Boutique. If you’d like to talk to an expert, do give us a call. Our team of master craftsman are on hand to advise you on the best option for you and your home.