S Craft Window Shutters

Unrivalled Quality for All Budgets
Since 2002, SCRAFT window shutters have been renowned for providing premium quality products tailored to the needs of both the higher and lower ends of the market. Working through a network of national stockists, SCRAFT’s blend of the classic and modern are now seen in households throughout the country.

Whether its their economical MDF shutters or those made from FSC® certified wood, such as white teak, SCRAFT products are constructed to exacting standards, using only the best raw materials. This results in shutters that are both strong and durable.

Perfectly Balanced Lighting
One of the benefits with installing SCRAFT window shutters, is the ability to fine-tune the amount of light entering the room, carefully adjusting the individual tilt rods to move the louvres until the desired effect is achieved, or opening or closing panels to manage entire sections of the window or door. This also makes it possible to flood the room with light or darken it completely as necessary. This ability to control light input is just one of the reasons why shutters are becoming more and more popular with modern homeowners to the detriment of less flexible blinds and curtains.

Protection and Privacy
SCRAFT window shutters also make it easier to manage other people’s views into your property. When the inside of your property is visible to those who walk by, it is not only intrusive but also a security risk. Opportunist thieves can quickly spot a computer or a smartphone through an unprotected window and hackers can even read a WiFi password from a router on a windowsill. These risks can be eliminated by the simple addition of a wooden window shutter, without the need to compromise on lighting.

Sound is also dampened with a wooden window shutter, making it harder for passers-by to listen in on private conversations or for children to disrupt neighbours when playing. Wooden shutters also provide a surprisingly powerful insulating effect, cutting down on utility bills by retaining heat. In fact, shutters can potentially save homeowners thousands of pounds over a number of years.

Unbeatable Style and Choice
SCRAFT window shutters come in a comprehensive range of styles, colours and designs and can even be tailor-made to fit the most unusually shaped apertures, including roof windows, bays and arches. To maximise choice and perfectly tie in shutters to interior décor, S CRAFT offer a custom colour-matching service.

SCRAFT specialise in both traditional ‘cafe-style’ and solid shutters as well as more modern made-to-measure options that work with bi-fold doors and other state-of-the-art fixtures (remote control operation is also a possibility).

Hassle-Free Maintenance
SCRAFT window shutters are virtually maintenance-free and can be cleaned easily, avoiding the build up of dust particles that can complicate asthma and allergies. This also means that shutters not only last a long time, they also keep their fresh, attractive appearance for a lot longer than inferior products too.

To find out more about SCRAFT window shutters, or to arrange a fitting, please contact us today.