Luxury Window Shutters in Hale, Manchester

Located just to the south of Manchester, Hale is a wealthy and attractive village. As a local supplier of window shutters to this community, we understand the popularity of this versatile alternative to blinds and curtains, both to Hale residents and elsewhere, and the importance of owning high quality, luxury products that enhance our modern way of life.

Why Choose Window Shutters?
If you have noticed an increase in the number of window shutters in Hale, Manchester, there are several reasons for this.

The demands of modern life, especially on the outskirts of bustling Manchester, leave little time for repairing torn curtains or dusting blinds. Window shutters are durable and practically maintenance-free, making them a sensible choice in busy times. Window shutters also offer householders complete control over the light and privacy settings of their homes. Individual louvres can be finely tilted to the precise angle required to let in ample light while keeping prying eyes away; this is important in an affluent village like Hale where opportunist thieves may be interested to see what is lying about. Window shutters can also be controlled at the panel level, letting in all or none of the available light as desired.

Window shutters also dampen outside noise, a useful quality in Hale where the busy traffic and airport noise can intrude on the peace and quiet. Shutters also provide an extra layer of insulation for those cold northern winters.

What are Luxury Window Shutters?
We install luxury window shutters in Hale, Manchester, but that doesn’t mean we charge overly high prices. To us, luxury window shutters should be of superior quality in terms of both durability and exceptional design. A lot of design and production work has gone into every hand-crafted shutter that we install, from the computer-controlled kiln drying process, finely attuned to the UK climate; the solid mortice and tenon joints and the carefully layered paints and stains right down to the use of marine-grade staples.

But it’s not just our products themselves that prove our commitment to luxury; with over 15 years of installation experience, we are in a prime position to ensure that our customers make the right choice based on their budget and the style of their home.

Customised Installation
Since 1998, we have consistently provided our customers with a high-speed, high-quality installation service and we are now in a position to advise homeowners about which specific shutter types and styles would complement their homes. We do this through a comprehensive installation survey, offered to every customer. This is an opportunity for us to assess the customer’s existing décor, budget and lifestyle, and to find those products from our range that best match. For example, where money is tight and windows are simple and rectangular, our lead-in ‘Antigua’ collection might be most suitable whereas our white teak ‘Sumatra’ shutters may be better for large or irregular-shaped windows.

If you are looking for window shutters in Hale, Manchester, we are committed to providing you with high quality products at attractive prices. Please call us today for a quote.