Window Shutters Worsley

Window shutters in Worsley fitted by experienced Window Shutter craftsmen.

Shutter Boutique stocks a wide range of elegant and stylish window shutters in Worsley. This highly desirable window treatment delivers a multitude of benefits and a number of affordable and high end options.

Before selecting your window shutters in Worsley, be sure to consult with our window shutter craftsmen, as their experience and knowledge will ensure you choose the right shutters for the age and period of your home, your interior decor, the width and height of your windows, the function of the room and your budget.
The benefits of window shutters

Superior light control

Window shutters will allow you to intricately control the light in your Worsley home. The louvres (or slats) of window shutters can be tilted up or down, angling light in and out of a room for best effect. Whatever the time of day and whatever the occasion, window shutters put you in full control of the natural light in your home.

Security and Privacy
Window shutters deter prying eyes and opportunistic thieves in Worsley while not compromising on style. While the slats (or louvres) ensure privacy and security, light quality is not compromised. The slats allow light to be angled into a room for full effect.

Energy savings
Window shutters from Shutter Boutique deliver not only great style, but energy-saving benefits, too. Window shutters in Worsley homes lock in heat and block out cold drafts. The barrier window shutters form between the room and the window can help to reduce energy bills by as much as 8%.

Low maintenance
Unlike curtains which require dry cleaning, window shutters can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The protective finish makes them easy to look after and highly durable – guarantees on window shutters range from 5 to 25 years.

British made
Shutter Boutique stocks a range of window shutters in Worsley that are made here in the UK. They can be installed in just three weeks from initial consultation and are guaranteed for at least 25 years.

Waterproof shutters
Waterproof window shutters are recommended for hot and humid environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms. If your Worsley home requires window shutters that can withstand heat and humidity, talk to our master craftsmen about the best window shutter options for you.
Window shutter styles

Full height window shutters
The clue is in the name – full height window shutters cover the entire height of your windows. Options are available to operate the top and bottom panels independently – these are referred to as tier-on-tier shutters. This style is popular in bedrooms in Worsley as it blocks out all the light giving a full blackout effect.

Half height window shutters
These window shutters are also known as ‘cafe style’ window shutters. They stretch from the sill to the transom – the horizontal bar that cuts your window in half. This style of window shutter is popular in ground floor rooms in Worlsey, where privacy is important and more natural, unfiltered light desirable.

Special shapes
Window shutters can be manufactured in a number of shapes from ovals and circles to more complex hexagonal window shutters. We advise Worsley home owners to select certain woods and treatments best suited to this level of intricacy. Our craftsmen can advise you.

Shutter Boutique is on hand to answer your window shutter questions. Give our Worsley team a call today to talk to our experienced team about your window shutter needs.