It’s not often I find time to get away from the day job. Like many people, work comes first and putting in a few extra hours with the window shutters reaps such great results I generally don’t mind. But on a recent business trip to fit window shutters in Formby in Merseyside – in the borough of Sefton – I enjoyed the sea views and fresh air so much I decided to return, this time for pleasure, not for business.

Formby’s grand houses and mature gardens made a lasting impression. It’s a charming place to live and the residents of Formby are so very friendly and welcoming.

Sitting in a local Formby cafe, enjoying a morning cup of coffee and treating myself to a slice of cake, I overheard some local residents remarking on the cafe’s window treatment.

“I love your new window shutters!” a customer called to the cafe owner. “I’d love to have something like that in my home.”

My ears pricked up and a wise grin crept onto my face. How is it, wherever I go – even to Formby – there they are: window shutters!

“Oh, you should!” replied the Formby cafe owner. “They’re ever so good.” She came over to the customer’s table. “The sun streams through these windows of a morning and customers are blinded by the sun. But we didn’t want to put up curtains – so hard to keep clean – and netting is so dated, but these shutters are fab. We can angle the sun out of our eye line without blocking it out.”

“Can I get these in my home?” asked the Formby customer.

“I’ve had window shutters installed in my front windows upstairs and downstairs,” said the cafe owner. “And I’ve just received a quote to have them fitted in my conservatory. Next we’ll do the bathroom – we’ll have waterproof window shutters in there. They aren’t affected by the heat and humidity.”

“Clever.” Replied the customer. “I wonder if I could have window shutters specially made to fit my octagonal window over the stairs.”

At this point, I could bear it no longer and turned around to inform these charming Formby residents of the benefits of window shutters.

I told them about the heat savings, noise reduction, durability and improved security. Not to mention the different window shutter types that should be considered depending on the room type, window size and shape, and age and style of the home.

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